Sunday, 30 May 2010

Felting Slippers

Felting Slippers
for Me !

I decided my feet are cold enough (especially early morning)
to make a pair for myself.
But, since I've used most of my natural corriedale fleece
on the last pair and I'll need the rest to finish my Medusa,
I've decided to try some dyed corriedale fleece
I had bought for needle felting.
The results are quite different ...
fluffy and took a long time to come together. 

... and it's BRIGHT blue ... but I think I can live with that!

I laid out some light blue corriedale and silk paper flowers...

then laid out the sole...

wet it down, wrapped it over and the felting began ... 


It had been raining and it was cold,
so I had let our husky inside on her mat.
I turned around and there she was 
- a mouth full of freshly carded fleece from my work room.

"Uh - Oh" ... she dropped the fleece and sat quietly,

 looking at me as if to say
"What fleece? ... Who did that? ... It wasn't me !"
I have seen this face before ... but I have to love her !

  I felted, rubbed and rolled, I cut the opening for my foot,

rubbed and rolled some more, turned them in the right way
... and rubbed and rolled some more
and when I had no fingerprints left ...

this was the result

 ... made with love

to find more information on how to make your own pattern 
visit Pat Sparke's site !

Thursday, 27 May 2010

Felt Slippers ...

Felt Slippers ... a Birthday present - a perfect gift for this cold weather.

AND ... he likes them ... !

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Amazing Felted Cushions !

I stumbled upon this blog.
 ... Look at these cushions !
What a huge job.
What a great idea!

What is felting?

"FELT" The Essential Macquarie Dictionary meaning:

"A non woven fabric of wool, fur or hair matted together by pressure"

Fibres can be manipulated with the use of soap, water, friction and heat variations ..........or the use of barbed needles to create many interesting, practical and wearable things.

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