Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Something Amazing

If you have a little spare time
you might like  MUST  visit
You will find the most amazing 3D felting display.
.... You'll need to translate from Russian and expand her posts for the best pics
and WOW!
Just Amazing !

Saturday, 6 April 2013

A drive in the country

There was no felting here yesterday.
... . instead, a drive to the Scenic Rim.
The day began bright and sunny with a blue fluffy sky
 soon to change to great sweeping sheets of rain
 Wallabies and Kangaroos were everywhere it seemed.
 These Whiptail Wallabies were playing 'statues' by the side of the road.
They have the prettiest little faces and at most are about one metre tall.
   The more we looked around us, the more we found.
 At a quick glance you could be forgiven for not noticing them. 

What is felting?

"FELT" The Essential Macquarie Dictionary meaning:

"A non woven fabric of wool, fur or hair matted together by pressure"

Fibres can be manipulated with the use of soap, water, friction and heat variations ..........or the use of barbed needles to create many interesting, practical and wearable things.

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