Sunday, 25 February 2007

I have wings !

This Faerie has been needlefelted over a wire frame. Her core is made of natural Corriedale fleece and her 'skin' is formed with Romney. Her hair is Merino and her dress is made of silk. Her wings are made from home made silk paper. I believe they could be BIGGER so I'm about to make her some more.....

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Sue said...

wow thats amazing and such beautiful colours(falls off chair in awe)off to look at rest of your blog now can't wait!

What is felting?

"FELT" The Essential Macquarie Dictionary meaning:

"A non woven fabric of wool, fur or hair matted together by pressure"

Fibres can be manipulated with the use of soap, water, friction and heat variations ..........or the use of barbed needles to create many interesting, practical and wearable things.

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