Thursday, 4 October 2007

Felted Pixie Boots


Melanie said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Starr said...

ok, I have just lost my mind over how fabulous these pixie boots are! I love love love them! :D Just beautiful!

Anonymous said...

They are fantastic. I saw a pair like this in the alpaca shop in Morpeth on Sunday. Would you be interested in trading or selling the pattern?


An Aussie Felter said...

Hi Michelle,
I'm in the middle of moving house and all things felting are packed away at the moment.
But keep in touch, I'll see what I can come up with once we're settled again.
Have you felted with a resist before? If so, once you've mastered that, I'm sure you'd be surprised by how easily the method can be adapted to other items. It takes a little practice to think 3D and distribute the fibres evenly without lumping and creating seams, but well worth the effort!

Anonymous said...

hi, i am also in love with the lovely felted kiddie booties and wo
uld love to buy the pattern, thanks violet

Anonymous said...

Hi again - just realised I never got back to you. Hope the move went well. Can you please email me and hopefully we can work something out for the pattern of the boots!

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