Monday, 21 March 2011

100 Hearts for 'Donate Life'

I met Shirley late last year at Kingscliff Market and we chatted about felt and the Felt Hearts she creates...

Shirley makes Stress Balls in the shape of Hearts and decorates each one intricately with stitches, beads and ribbons. They're made with loads of love and care and they squeeze snuggly into the palm of your hand.

Shirley donated a kidney to her Grandson when he was 2 years old. Afterward, she donated some hearts to 'Donate Life' Hobart, knowing they would be great comforters for young and old alike - particularily children if they were on Dialysis or in hospital, were sad or unhappy.  

Shirley shares the love ...these photographs are just 55 of 100 hearts she made with love for 'Donate Life' recently. She enjoys the way the pictures evolve and as you can see, she has the patience of a saint! They're all so beautiful !

We swap packages of treasures by mail -Thank-you for all the goodies Shirley ! xxx

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What is felting?

"FELT" The Essential Macquarie Dictionary meaning:

"A non woven fabric of wool, fur or hair matted together by pressure"

Fibres can be manipulated with the use of soap, water, friction and heat variations ..........or the use of barbed needles to create many interesting, practical and wearable things.

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